Monday, June 1, 2009

IES 2009

Please reply to express your willingness to help distribute a portion of the promo cards Rob had printed.

Also, please use the blog as a place to coordinate any fun and socializing you'd like to invite others to partake in.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

2010 Workshop Topics: Feedback Wanted

ATTN: All intending to attend the SREE 2010 Conference

Rob is requesting input on workshop topics for next year's conference. Current plans are to offer 4 workshops scheduled to where participants could attend 2 of them. Given Rob's intention to give special consideration to topics graduate students would be interested in attending, please reply with workshop topics you'd like to see offered.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Career Opportunities

We've set up the framework for a Career Opportunities system on the SREE site:

The current format is directed towards both GSO members and the general SREE group, but we will separate it into a GSO section and a general membership section when the page reaches "critical mass". 

How to post a job:
Forward the job posting, a link, or anything relevant to and SREE staff will handle the post. Easy!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Socializing while in San Diego

For those who will be in San Diego next week for AERA, NCME, etc., it might be nice if GSO members were able to convene while there. I am making this post to serve as a central location where members can coordinate their plans. For example, if you know that a group of you will be somewhere, post it here, so members from other institutions can make arrangements to join you. In addition, for those of you who are in-the-know on San Diego, please share any suggestions for great (and affordable) restaurants, don't-miss events, etc.

Conference Workshops: Feedback Wanted

Rob is currently working on the next conference program and has indicated that they will have specific initiatives directed to graduate students. Accordingly, he would like to know if GSO members prefer that the workshops be distributed throughout the conference, allowing attendance at more than one (Note: Last year, all the workshops convened as pre-conference sessions). Please reply below with your thoughts on the subject.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Job Posting System: Feedback Wanted

Hello all - I am pasting below the link that Tyler sent us, which could serve as an example job posting system:

If any of you have any thoughts on how we could improve on this, please post a reply outlining your suggestions.

Also, Tyler is interested in identifying a member or members who would be willing and able to work closely with him on working through some of the details of this and subsequent aspects of the Web development process. Please let it be known if this is a role you'd like to take on. Any takers???


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Survey: Communication Media Opinions?

During yesterday morning's GSO talk, we discussed some items we would like to see to improve our experience in the SREE GSO. First and foremost, it was mentioned that it would be great to have a job posting/source. Secondly, the participants mentioned that they would like additional ways to connect, either through webinars, blogs, wikis, listserv, etc.

This blog is a stab at a quick-and-easy way to maintain communication. I envision something like the AAAI05's Student Conference blog, except that it extends beyond simply reporting upon SREE conference events, to include interesting reports from the education science world. In short, a blog. This blog is a place to share resources, interesting lectures, applicable conferences, questions, ideas, job postings, and anything else you deem suitable. Anyone authorized can post, and anyone can comment.

What do you envision as a communication forum? A blog? A wiki? A message board?
What do you expect/want from this blog?